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Holy Family Parish

elcome to the Holy Family Parish, a faith-filled community located in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. We are a Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of LaCrosse. We extend a warm welcome to all who attend our church.

The Holy Family Parish of Prairie du Chien has two Churches; St. Gabriel's Church and St. John's Church both located in Prairie du Chien, WI.  Holy Family Parish also supports its Catholic elementary and middle school. We hope that you will find our parish and school community a place where your life of faith will be nourished.  We also hope that you will share your special talents within the community.

Your prayers, your presence and your talents are most welcome.

May God bless all of us.

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Although winter has caught us off guard with a venge-ance, we were able to get our building project up and running, and so would like to offer an update on where we are. As we stated a few weeks back, the first stages of both projects, includ-ing the foundation work and building structures have been ap-proved by the Diocese of La Crosse. However, getting state ap-proval was a bit more complicated. We received the state ap-proved plans on the Fellowship Hall first, and with that in hand were able to begin excavation and foundation work. In the com-ing weeks, we will be ordering the material for the shell, which we hope to have in place over the winter, so interior work can proceed in the spring.

This has not stopped planning on the St Gabriel pro-ject. In fact, this week we were able to get the foundation plans approved as well, and would have started this project if only the weather would have cooperated. It looks like we are in for an early start to winter, and though we could begin digging, how far ahead would we be in the spring? This is the question that has bounced back and forth between various contractors and coun-cil members, and the answer is not clear cut. The consensus is that digging now would definitely put a stop to using the play-ground for the entire winter, and it might be better to spend the time planning so when we are able to start in the spring we can get everything off to a cleaner start. This would include having all the plans drawn up; the building supplies on hand and crews ready to go.

We also would like our community to recall that we have invested quite a bit in getting St Gabriel’s school ready for this year. The capital campaign was for improvements in addi-tion to new construction, and $90,000 has been spent on the new roof, $110,000 on new windows, over $12,000 on updating bathrooms and over $10,000 for upgrades to the computer lab and computer network in addition to adding smart-boards to all classrooms last spring. Although many of these things are not readily seen (such as a big hole in the ground), the investment comes to over $225,000 in the past year and a half.


I would like to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It is a beautiful time to count our blessings in our families and our nation. May God bless all our families, our loved ones and our nation as we strive to build His Kingdom bit by bit here on earth.
Fr Jim

I know this is a couple weeks away, but just an early reminder that there are 2 Holy Days of Obligation that retain the obligation character no matter which day they fall upon. These two are the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas. This year, Dec. 8 falls on a Monday, and we have scheduled three Masses for this Feast: 8:15 AM, 12:10 PM and 6:00 PM. Locations will be posted in next week’s bulletin.

God bless
Fr Jim.

Building the Future... Preserving the Past


Thank you for your interest in Prairie Catholic Schools.  St. Gabriel’s campus is our elementary school, and encompasses grades Pre-K though 4th, and St. John’s campus is our middle school which entails grades 5th through 8th.  Additionally, on-site daycare is available at the St. Gabriel’s campus.
We know that choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions you face. The entire staff at Prairie Catholic appreciates the fact that you are willing to consider our school, and wish you to know that this is greatly appreciated. The education of our youth is an honor and a great responsibility that we do not take lightly.

A Catholic school offers a unique environment with very special opportunities for its students to grow spiritually. Prairie Catholic is no different. Our setting allows educators to share their faith and values while educating their students, your children. We are committed to helping children grow in faith and love and to display respect and fellowship. Prairie Catholic does not discriminate based on faith and includes many non-Catholic families. These families appreciate our caring, student-centered environment that teaches children to follow Christ’s command to love one another and treat others with respect.

Prairie Catholic provides a strong academic curriculum and a safe learning environment for students to reach their greatest potential.  We support each child by recognizing his or her own talents and instilling an appreciation for the gifts of others. This atmosphere fosters a mutual respect for one another.

We encourage, and are committed to, a cooperative partnership between family and school.  We seek to work with you as parents, in helping your child become the best they can be.  We believe in the mutual relationship of school supporting family and family supporting school.

At Prairie Catholic, we are positive people – learning, loving and living our faith.  We aspire to create a place where your child is safe, happy and knows they are special.

We would love to discuss further the opportunities we can offer your child.  Please call us for a personal tour at:

(608) 326-8624  (St. Gabriel’s)
(608) 326-4400  (St. John’s)


Wade Marlow

Principal, Prairie Catholic Schools

Volunteer Sign up Sheet:

Please consider being a parish volunteer. Click Here to bring up a form you can fill in right from your computer and then print out. Send in to either rectory, drop off, or put in colection basket on Sunday. Thank you for your consideration.